New partnership announced

EVA – end-to-end

Oktober 2023

New partnership announced.

Three German NewSpace companies launch “EVA”, the world’s first end-to-end microgravity service for biotech research and product development

– Rocket Factory Augsburg (short: RFA) offers flexible and low-cost launch services thus providing affordable access to space

– ATMOS Space Cargo develops reusable, modular, and highly scalable return space capsules for any scientific payload, experiment, or equipment

– Yuri develops modular bioreactors and incubators to be used in microgravity environments to develop and manufacture superior biotech products in space

– EVA, the microgravity end-to-end service will be available from 2025

– This service is an answer to the growing demand of the life sciences industry. The total in-space manufacturing market is expected to reach €7 billion in 2030

Weltraumkongress, Berlin, Germany – October 18, 2023 – Three pioneering German NewSpace companies,

Rocket Factory Augsburg (RFA), Yuri, and ATMOS Space Cargo (ATMOS) announced their new partnership and launch of their joint end-to-end service E V A for microgravity life science research and in-orbit product development at this year’s edition of Weltraumkongress in Berlin, Germany.

This holistic solution represents an unprecedented and flexible alternative to the ISS laboratory and initiates a new generation for microgravity research and thus advancement in biotech, life science, and product development worldwide.


E V A = THREE NewSpace experts – ONE microgravity service

In this consortium, Rocket Factory Augsburg is responsible for the entire launch service, including the launch system, infrastructure, outbound logistics, and the operational launch campaign. RFA will be delivering ATMOS Space Cargo’s Phoenix capsule with Yuri’s ScienceTaxi to the precise target orbit in a flexible and low-cost manner. The company will be responsible for the integration of the Phoenix space capsule onto its RFA ONE launch system while providing late access to the payload.

The launch campaigns are to be carried out from SaxaVord Spaceport (previously known as Shetland Space Center) on Unst, the most northerly of the Shetland Islands in Scotland, UK.

Yuri operates the ScienceTaxi, which will be integrated into the Phoenix capsule by ATMOS Space Cargo. With its groundbreaking autonomous life science incubator and bioreactor solutions, Yuri will be responsible for the execution of biotech research and manufacturing in space.


ATMOS Space Cargo is responsible for the re-entry logistics and operating the return mission of the Phoenix return capsule which will be carrying Yuri’s ScienceTaxi. ATMOS will supervise and execute the safe return from low Earth orbit (LEO) to the Azores and carry out the early retrieval of the capsule after landing as well as the recovery mission to the final location.



– Jörn Spurmann, CCO at Rocket Factory Augsburg:

“With E V A we will set up a unique global service that will allow breakthrough insights in BioTech and product development. Customers receive a complete solution from three experts in their respective fields, allowing them to focus on their core business. We are also particularly proud to be able to fully map the value chain with our partners in Germany. This is a great sign of German NewSpace Industry capability.”


– Maria Birlem, Co-CEO at Yuri:

“In this new era of space exploration and commercialization, Europe and Germany must not only witness, but actively shape the future. With the combined strengths of Rocket Factory Augsburg, ATMOS Space Cargo, and Yuri, we’re not just aiming to level the playing field with the USA; we’re setting our sights on pioneering new frontiers in LEO commercialization. It’s high time Europe takes its rightful place at the forefront of space innovation.”


– Christian Grimm, Lead Systems Engineer and Co-Founder of ATMOS Space Cargo:

“We are excited to establish the first full end-to-end service for biotech research in microgravity with E V A – and thus creating new possibilities to utilize space for in-orbit product development. With our partners at Yuri and at the Rocket Factory Augsburg, we will boost the German NewSpace industry to the forefront of Europe’s expertise in space. This will mark the turning point for affordable in-orbit science and a possible role model for the commercialization of space – launch, return, repeat!”




About Rocket Factory Augsburg

Rocket Factory Augsburg was founded in 2018 with the goal to offer launch services of up to 1.300kg into low Earth orbits and beyond on a weekly basis at highly competitive prices. RFA wants to democratize access to space to enable the collection of data from above to better understand, connect and protect our planet Earth.


About Yuri

Yuri is a space biotech company that uses the microgravity environment of space to develop and manufacture superior biotech products.

Yuri develops modular bioreactors and incubators for cell cultures, protein crystals or plants, launching them to the ISS and other spacecraft for scientists around the world.

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